In the late 60’s in Portland Oregon I had a retail music store and basically furnished the Stage and sound gear for the major Tours that came through Oregon. This included Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin, The Who, Vanilla Fudge, Deep Purple to name just a few. My music performance (Guitar and Drums) was mostly spent with a very respected Jazz guitarist named Buddy Fite. Buddy released three albums (produced by Richard Mersey –producer for Johhny Mathis and Barbara Streisand) He is rated in the top 35 jazz guitarists in the World!

After selling my Music business, I went to work for CBS musical instruments (Fender Guitars) and became head of Marketing and Artist relations. This involved doing all phases of Marketing including advertising creative with such magazines as Rolling Stone-Guitar Player-International Musician etc. During My years with CBS (70’s) I traveled worldwide and always took a camera along. Basically this was the start of my love affair with photography.

About the Work:

The principle goal of my photography is to: 
Portray the birds as portraits and thus showcase each of their unique personalities. This allows me the freedom to develop each image as a work of art, putting all the emphasis on the Birds natural beauty.
A note on my photography: There are as many styles of photography as there are photographers. Each of us interpret the world in our different ways. I love nature, the outdoor world and especially Florida wading birds.
“The signature” image of my web site,” Reflections of Beauty” is also on the front page of this brochure. #Birds will nest for hours, staying perfectly still. When the birds exchange positions or take a break, they typically stretch out their wings.

The newest digital cameras allow pictures to be taken in what is called a RAW format—This format allows pictures to transfer to the Camera memory card and not be digitally altered. 
RAW format creates huge files but maintains the very best picture quality-what you see is what you get. Think of RAW as a digital negative.
The pictures are then downloaded into an Apple IMac computer and using Photoshop CC.
Images are corrected for white balance, contrast and sharpening using basically the same controls on the camera.
Photoshop and this unique format, allows me to use the same darkroom techniques of dodging and burning as used by more traditional photographers.

Artist canvas 
Canvas is actually my preferred medium as it gives the images a painted effect and more closely resemble what I envision and want

Coming soon: 
DH Photo Art wearable wldlife art.
Quality T shirts and gift items distributed through Gift shops, Galleries and Department stores throughout Florida.

The majority of my images are taken in the months of January through May, which is the principle season for nesting birds. During this breeding searson, birds, especially the males display unique if not outrageous behavior to show off and attract their mates.

A note: Our pictures are for sale on request:

They are available in Gallery Wrap Canvas or Prints only.